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Desc:Spike Says That Single White Males Know What's REALLY GOING ON
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:spikebravo, Forever Alone, therealnickbravo, delusions of grandeur
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Comment count is 19
Jet Bin Fever
I can't watch this. His face, voice, mannerisms, homeless outfit... everything. I can't.

Five stars.
I know TFL Bill has a son... is this him?

Stop complaining about the government caring about you or not. The world is supposed to be better when we are all self-centered objectivists, remember?
Atlas whined.

Jobless, homeless man who owns a broke-down van is still able to upload shit to YouTube.

There's a magnificence to that.

asian hick
is he homeless again?
Go for it, man.

Hollywood beckons!
I've never seen a spikebravo video but why does he sound like Jason from Home Movies?
"I really hope when I move to L.A. I can meet some honest, truthful people."

This is going to get brutal, isn't it?
lol u know it

WOW. Cognitive dissonance at its ultimate.

28 Fucking Minutes?

I made it 15 seconds in. That voice. That self-pity. Those dead eyes.
I tried to focus on him, without lingering too long on any particular part of his face. While avoiding looking at his teeth, I noticed the strange ring of discoloration around his facial hair. And it occurred to me that maybe he's been drinking bleach.

... the thought was strangely comforting.
This is objectivism's best spokesman.

Made it 90 seconds.
Maybe he could get into one of those Koch-funded indoctrination camps for "creatives"?

The whole world be coming down on the White Man.
Rodents of Unusual Size
When did Chris Elliot get laryngitis and go stark raving mad? Also I was able to watch exactly 20 seconds of this.
James Woods
wow, 59 seconds into a 28 minute video and i can't go any further. 5 stars
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