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Desc:*Wheeze* Total *Wheeze* disrespect to classical *Wheeze* animation. This's why *Wheeze* anime is...
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:Looney Tunes, Acme, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote
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Comment count is 15
aren't these supposed to be around 7 minutes long?
I have no problem with stuff like this so long as it's in the intended spirit. Quite frankly, I'm surprised whoever made this resisted the temptation to make Wiley E Coyote look like a Dragonball Z character and/or give him a backwards hat and some HIP HOPPITUDE!!
Just going through the motions. Any stars are for them resisting the temptation to make Wile E. Coyote breakdance.
Not great, but far and away better than the cartoon of Daffy and Bugs they did.
This is part of the same show. The cartoon will consist of the Bugs and Daffy buddy comedy with typical shorts of the other characters mixed in.

I know. It's going to be a disgusting pile of shit.

B. Weed
Seemed kind of... hyper. Especially the musical score-- oh sure, it was lots better than those horrid Bill Lava noises in those horrid Rudy Larriva cartoons, but at the same time I kept thinking "Carl Stalling knew the value of *silence* too."
Jet Bin Fever
This is charmless and adds nothing to the world.
Seeing cars hit him in 3D makes less funny, more snuffy.
It's got a nice look though.
Rodents of Unusual Size
What a colossal waste of money.
In real life the bungee cord would snap rather than moving a car.
Every hair was painstakingly animated individually to create a lush visual coyote experience.
This is the saddest thing.
This really isn't any worse than Space Jam.
I respectfully disagree. Space Jam was just a movie. This is the new standard for Warner Bros. cartoons as a whole.

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