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Desc:It was even better once the modders got their hands on it
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:video games, schadenfreude, genius, just cause 2, gods work
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The Mothership
That was fun, but my stars go to 2:21.
What the hell is wrong with this game!?
Sir, I believe you mean what is wrong with *every other* game

Daddy Warcrimes
This was such a great game. The story was pointless, the writing was terrible, the characters were all two-dimensional stereotypes, and it was fun as hell. (Plus the explosions effects were pretty great.)

Like GTA3 decided to go to the south pacific for spring break.
This is known as "The Blizzard formula".

6:35 is pretty inspiring
Caminante Nocturno
The reaver car was a bit disturbing.
This was a pretty great game until I had to fly a plane. Using WASD to fly a plane is IMPOSSIBLE!!!
At least for those god damn time trial side missions, they were at alright if you needed to cross the map quickly and could at least fly generally straight.

just use a helicopter

Oh great, another game to add to my list of things to play when I retire.
Why even bother modding JC2? It almost seems to make it less silly.
Sorry, multi-grapple is extremely fucking necessary. FOR JUSTICE!

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