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Desc:Man, that's a lot of water! [wait 30 seconds] Well, holy shit.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:Japan, tsunami
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Comment count is 16
The wailing cries of the damned cars are amazing. Until you think of all the people that are no doubt dying in the six minutes of this video.
Well, the Nazis were pretty bad but they had some pretty sweet getups.

I don't know Japanese, but I'm pretty sure the guy on the loudspeaker was saying, "Holy shit, my car! Now how am I supposed to get home?"
He's saying "If you can hear this, your shit is about to get wrecked."

yeah horror is the correct category
I can't find the words.
Robin Kestrel
Well, that just put all my problems in perspective. Horror, indeed.
This is what tsunami really looks like. Obviously.

Makes the hollywood concept of "tidal waves" look harmless and pathetic by comparison.

spiteful crow
Sweet Christ, the part that really gets me is when the cameraman turns around and the whole little neighborhood he'd filmed just a minute or two earlier is GONE. Just fucking gone. My god.
Yeah. When he looks back and what used to be a building at the edge of the lot is replaced by a boiling black mass. Holy fuck.

Mother nature is on her period..AND IT'S A HEAVY FLOW DAY AMIRITE?
The place he's filming from looks safe at first, but water just keeps getting higher and higher.
seriously, i guess it must have held since the camera survived but i'd love to know what kind of building they're on that didn't get pushed over or undermined

I saw a retransmission of the Japanese evening news last week showing a little of the aftermath. An elderly couple were searching for their son, who worked in the local post office. They found the three story concrete building no problem. The only problem was, it was obvious that water had flowed through the top floor (I think I spotted a few cars jammed in there). The old man pretty succinctly said "Well, I guess that's it." Sad.

Jet Bin Fever
Ahh crap, it's down. May be impossible to find a resubmit too.
If Muhammad won't come to the ocean, then the ocean will go to Muhammad.

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