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Desc:yeah, I'm posting ads for a game, it happens.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Robots, valve, portal
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Comment count is 15
Jesus the autotuned voicing is annoying.
Yeah, totally unlike the voice of an insane A.I. that appeared in the first game.

Yeah whoever started doing the whole deadpan autotuned voice thing for insane robots really should just be shot. I mean, wtf?

I'm glad they replaced the empathetic human character that made the player fear pain and death with glomping companion cube-bots that get instantly replaced when destroyed
The Great Hippo
Yeah, because lord knows the one thing that stood out about Portal was all the empathic-inspiring personality they imbued Chell with.

Yeah, because this co-op mode is the only thing the game will let you play with.

Have you seriously not read anything about Portal 2, Snake?

Actually, there were some very human moments in Portal.

For being glomping companion cube-bots I'd say they have more personality than most human characters in most games.

Also in the main game you still are a human with a fear of death.

Absolutely agree, Snake. Everyone knows it is impossible to imbue nonhuman characters with human like qualities. What were they thinking?

Dupe. From last September. Advertisements only has one 'd'.

and yet I still enjoy it multiple times

Caminante Nocturno
These two will be the Crow and Tom Servo of their time.

If that's the case, does that make GLaDOS Gypsy, Magic Voice, or Pearl Forrester?

So many people getting so mad. Keep these Portal 2 videos going, please.
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