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Desc:Its a Mad 8-bit World
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Nintendo, death, gary jules, 8-bit, boingboing.net
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uh some of those were clearly not 8-bit, i can tell by the pixels
Surprisingly enough, the original Mortal Kombat arcade hardware was running on an 8-bit CPU (although the GPU was 32-bit).

I like the idea in this video but horrible execution, especially in the music.

Robin Kestrel
Out Run! So many quarters...
Jet Bin Fever
And they still wear no seatbelts and end up mangled on the side of the road.

What? No I didn't just say that it should be Tears For Fears in the tags and you know why I didn't say it should be Tears For Fears in the tags? Because saying it should be Tears For Fears in the tags is a stupid thing to even bring up. So I didn't. I did not mention it should be Tears For Fears in the tags.
i'm glad we had this talk.

Even as a Tears for Fears fan, you have to admit, lyrical content aside, the original is pretty dated.

I think this sounds more like the Gary Jules one. I say that as someone who prefers the TFF one. Also, while I'll agree the Tears for Fears one is dated, I think a lot of their stuff isn't...

Tears for Fears for Queers for Years

There is no good version of this song.

I'm surprised Boing Boing was able to go 2 minutes without mentioning THE COMING TRANSHUMANIST SINGULARITY

What I'm trying to say is 'I hate Cory Doctorow'
stars for the video regardless

The McK
BoingBoing should be praised for everything they manage to make good despite Doctorow's babyman self-congratulation, like this or their Yakuza review: http://boingboing.net/2010/08/10/yakuza-3-review.html

That said, godDAMN does that music grate after a while.

They should have gotten a real chiptune artist to do it instead of just having some random dude who knows how to make a synthesizer make noises and has a passing familiarity with how video games kinda-sorta sounded.

Great idea but how the hell do you make a compilation of video game deaths and not include a Mega Man explosion death or one of the many awesome deaths from the original Prince of Persia.

Cockmaster Flash
No Pitfall? How can you have game deaths without Pitfall Harry falling into an alligator at least once?
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