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Desc:John Boehner is a douche
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:GOP, anthony weiner, pay-go, parliamentary procedure
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Comment count is 32
I love this guy.
Bringin' it
Holy shit.
I love you baleen, I think you're a kind person and a genuinely compassionate soul.

Fuck our fucking government in its stupid fucking ass.
Thank God for C-Span.
and i insist on my point of order
Fucking Charlie Bass you shit-heel
I would vote this guy Prom Queen I like him so much
Goddamn. Could you imagine a congress made up entirely of guys this sharp? Not only Democrats, but also Republicans. We'd be in such better condition.
Weiner/Weiner 2012.
Keep swingin', Weiner!
Weiner is indeed great, but more and more I get the feeling that pointing out the right wing is full of shit is like pissing in the wind. No one seems to care.
Mr. Speaker, I request my point of order be shoved up your ass sideways in a counter clockwise direction.

Politics are just a more sophisticated (root word coming from Sophistry I believe) version of Jersey Shore or some other trashy television drama... And I love it.
Why, in this day and age when every representative has an electronic voting console right in front of them, do we still go by the volume based "ayes" and "nays" method?

The freaking Judge-O-Meter from Nickelodeon's Kids Court was a fairer system.
oh for fuck's sake

Sean Robinson
You're probably not going to read this, Fabio, but for the love of God is this a stupid thing to say. Not your dumbest comment, but a very representative one.

Electronic roll call votes take about 20 minutes to perform. All House votes start as voice votes. For uncontroversial matters, the acting Speaker recognises the will of the House as expressed verbally. Any member can ask for a roll call vote immediately after the voice vote. That roll call vote is usually postponed until later in the day in order to allow the leadership of the two parties to schedule batches of roll call votes to occur together and reduce the overall time needed for votes.

These are things that aren't actually difficult to learn and are actually pretty commonsensical. If one weren't a fucking idiot, one might guess at the process fairly easily, rather than assume that the fucking Congress actually uses a goddamned applause-o-meter for determining the outcome of contested votes.

Sean Robinson
Additionally, voice votes allow the House to take action on unpopular, but necessary issues without adding the additional politicisation of roll call votes. This is most commonly seen during the amendment process.

Sean you're clearly not acquainted with the historical role of the voice vote in Congress; back before the invention of the microphone candidates were routinely voted into office exclusively on their ability to yell. That's why Rep. Alan Wilkes (D-NY) dominated the House from 1856-1879 - his amazing 98 decibel yell allowed him to win every voice vote during the period.

In fact, all other forms of voting in the House were invented as ways to check his power. That's why to this day we still call a recorded vote a "Wilkes" vote.

The chair recognises that it is rubber. The chair also recognises that the gentleman is glue, and must therefore withdraw the stick with poo on it.
There is a uh... uh... uh... rule.... I uh... look, we're doing this.
So the claim of "we're not career politicians" that all of these tea party Republicans made should have read "we have no fucking idea what the rules are or how democracy works." These people are as legitimate legislators as creationists are scientists.
The gentlemen will bring a point of order out of his pants and wave it around the House.
Weiner is pretty cool. He doesn't commit boners like the Speaker.
crickets chirping

Herr Matthias
what does "cogzinable" mean?
Rodents of Unusual Size
a few of these stars are for the Asian woman having a coronary right behind him who had to leave suddenly.

also, for Charlie Bass nearly having a coronary.

The gist of this was basically Charlie Bass responding with "nuh uh, you didn't bring this up when we were supposed to talk about it."

"When do we talk about it?"

Jet Bin Fever
Congressman Weiner makes me proud of my country. Almost every other congressman makes me ashamed of it.
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