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Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:CCTV, alien abduction
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Comment count is 13
Tom Collins - 2011-04-03
I would love to know where this is supposed to have happened.
Millard - 2011-04-03
memedumpster - 2011-04-03
That alien transporter chief kicks ass.
Macho Nacho - 2011-04-04
I like how they point out that Sonia is a Muslim out of nowhere.
garcet71283 - 2011-04-04
That's actually significant.

Normally this happens to fat, stupid white-trash.

Shows that ET has finally embraced affirmative action.

Ursa_minor - 2011-04-04
Definitely not a hollow spot in the bed.
fatatty - 2011-04-04
"There are other strange events happening in the family home which all of the family members have witnessed. Strange ethereal wolves have been seen in the house, and loud cougar-like growling near the doors. Knocking on doors and banging on outside doors have also been heard. The family members attribute these odd things to 'Jinn.' Muslims believe that Jinn are a creation made from smokeless flame of fire, that live on a different plane/dimension and are not bound to space and time in the same way as humans- but like humans, they are created by God."

Well, okay then...So she was abducted by ethereal wolf Jinn?
garcet71283 - 2011-04-04
Ethereal wolf Jinn that may be a hot 40ish chick looking to score.

Tom Collins - 2011-04-04
It's a brand of cheap booze in a flash bottle.

Meerkat - 2011-04-04
Ethereal rape wolves.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2011-04-04
There is no way this could have been faked. NONE.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-04
Ghoul - 2011-04-04
Real and heterosexual.
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