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Desc:They didn't even bother to take the pricetags off the puppets.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:what hell sounds like, Dr. Laura Schlesinger
Submitted:Corporate God King
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Modern Angel
You understand that the price tag is a riff on Minnie Pearl, right?

Yeah, I was just going to mention that.


In internet years, knowing enough information about Minnie Pearl to recognize her as a trope is like being well-versed in Neolithic poetry about hunting guinea pigs.

I had to Google "price tag on hat" to find out it was Minnie Pearl, but I remembered seeing it on TV when I was a kid.

Stars for jokes which the target audience will totally get without any problems.

Hee Haw was comedy gold when I was five.

Corporate God King
I vaguely remember Minnie Pearl, but I erred on the side of making a shitty joke.

The skunk-thing looks a lot like someone just hollowed out a Tiny Toons plush to make a puppet. The rest of the 'cast' also looks vaguely familiar in one way or another. How many other existing characters did they cannibalize for this?
Getting your child a Dr. Laura-hosted Christian puppet show that tells them to respect you is just asking for an "accident" with the steak knives five years later.
Dr. Laura Schlesinger converted FROM Judaism TO Christian Fundamentalism because it just wasn't viciously judgemental enough for her tastes.
The squirrel was made from her pubic hair. If you don't believe me, google her name for nude photos and compare.
Maggot Brain
Something I learned second hand; God is a slave to man.
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