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Desc:Thankfully, no one was hurt
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Debris, car accident, windshield
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 26
Alan Pakula, a film director, was driving on the LIE when a metal pipe went through his windshield and killed him. His manner of death always haunted me...so this video gives me the fucking creeps.
Too fast for anyone to react competently.
Tom Collins
Dude's got balls of steel not to even slightly lose control.
Bowel control? We don't know that.

"Dude"'s name is Wendy Cobb

Horse Trailer: Vampire Car Slayer.
The Mothership

yea, ok, nice.

The Mothership
Good lord.
Not even a whimper?
too busy shitting his pants?
Possibly fake? Why is he filming when nothing happens? Video compression also to be excessive, possibly to mask poor sfx? Youtube channel + description seems fishy..

My feelings exactly.

Tell us about the pixels!

Jet Bin Fever
I think you missed the part where the pole went through the window.

Well the original with description is here:

Pixel McStencilbuffer
Well children, it's like this ...

It was real;

http://jalopnik.com/#!5789082/the-scariest-car-crash-ever-caug ht-on-video-was-real

Totally fake. The wood clearly has no wings or helicopter blades to allow it to fly like that, nor does it have rockets (no smoke). I watch lots of youtube videos so I should know. This is obviously an elaborate Doritos marketing campaign.

What, you guys don't just randomly film your daily commute in the hope that something worth uploading to Youtube will happen?
I used to but camcorders only have so much memory.. fucking suburb commutes

He's videotaping the big truck because he thought it was driving aggressively.

I love that detail, because he's so concerned about the big truck that he starts tailgating the guy in front of him and ends up with a stick through his windshield.

Whenever I climb a ladder I make sure to film myself JUST INCASE.
Whenever I jump off a roof I make sure to film myself JUST INCASE.

This reminds me of a time I was driving behind a big trick filled with metal pipes who was driving the speed limit at 40 mph. I decided to speed up and pull past him because I generally like to go at least 5 over so I get places 30 seconds sooner. Pretty much the exact instant that I pulled into the passing lane a giant metal pipe flew off the back of his truck and went right where my car had been 10 seconds ago. Sadly I was not videotaping myself driving.

Remember kids, speeding saves lives.
A similar thing happened to me once. A car in front of me launched a piece of debris several feet into the air. Fortunately I was following at a safe distance, so I didn't get a big stick through my windshield. That night I had ice cream.

(link updated)
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