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Desc:Thankfully, no one was hurt
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Debris, car accident, windshield
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 26
jangbones - 2011-04-04
Alan Pakula, a film director, was driving on the LIE when a metal pipe went through his windshield and killed him. His manner of death always haunted me...so this video gives me the fucking creeps.
chumbucket - 2011-04-04
Too fast for anyone to react competently.
Tom Collins - 2011-04-04
Dude's got balls of steel not to even slightly lose control.
mouser - 2011-04-05
Bowel control? We don't know that.

JimL2 - 2011-04-10
"Dude"'s name is Wendy Cobb

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2011-04-04
Horse Trailer: Vampire Car Slayer.
The Mothership - 2011-04-04

yea, ok, nice.

The Mothership - 2011-04-04
Good lord.
Mother_Puncher - 2011-04-04
Not even a whimper?
fedex - 2011-04-04
too busy shitting his pants?
ItsAboutTime - 2011-04-04
Possibly fake? Why is he filming when nothing happens? Video compression also to be excessive, possibly to mask poor sfx? Youtube channel + description seems fishy..

Wander - 2011-04-04
My feelings exactly.

dbtng - 2011-04-04
Tell us about the pixels!

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-04
I think you missed the part where the pole went through the window.

RockBolt - 2011-04-04
Well the original with description is here:

Pixel McStencilbuffer - 2011-04-05
Well children, it's like this ...

jangbones - 2011-04-05
It was real;

http://jalopnik.com/#!5789082/the-scariest-car-crash-ever-caug ht-on-video-was-real

Buggerman - 2011-04-05
Totally fake. The wood clearly has no wings or helicopter blades to allow it to fly like that, nor does it have rockets (no smoke). I watch lots of youtube videos so I should know. This is obviously an elaborate Doritos marketing campaign.

Vaidency - 2011-04-04
What, you guys don't just randomly film your daily commute in the hope that something worth uploading to Youtube will happen?
Desidiosus - 2011-04-04
I used to but camcorders only have so much memory.. fucking suburb commutes

Noober - 2011-04-05
He's videotaping the big truck because he thought it was driving aggressively.

I love that detail, because he's so concerned about the big truck that he starts tailgating the guy in front of him and ends up with a stick through his windshield.

oddeye - 2011-04-04
Whenever I climb a ladder I make sure to film myself JUST INCASE.
1394 - 2011-04-04
Whenever I jump off a roof I make sure to film myself JUST INCASE.

fatatty - 2011-04-04
This reminds me of a time I was driving behind a big trick filled with metal pipes who was driving the speed limit at 40 mph. I decided to speed up and pull past him because I generally like to go at least 5 over so I get places 30 seconds sooner. Pretty much the exact instant that I pulled into the passing lane a giant metal pipe flew off the back of his truck and went right where my car had been 10 seconds ago. Sadly I was not videotaping myself driving.

Remember kids, speeding saves lives.
TheOtherCapnS - 2011-04-05
A similar thing happened to me once. A car in front of me launched a piece of debris several feet into the air. Fortunately I was following at a safe distance, so I didn't get a big stick through my windshield. That night I had ice cream.
Chalkdust - 2011-04-05

(link updated)
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