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Desc:'Man oh man do I hate them fancy lads'
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Chris Elliott, Andy Richter, brian Doyle-Murray, floating cupcake, James Gammon
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Comment count is 11
"Like how a snake sheds its fur."

I only have a handful of VHS tapes from my childhood, Star Wars trilogy (special edition), Evil Dead 2, Angus, Dune, and Cabin Boy.

Nothing but good memories associated with Cabin Boy.
Best film of the 90s, no question about it.
Corman's Inferno
Chris Elliot was bothered by the cheapness of the special effects (he's mentioned in interviews the production budget was slashed nearly in half right before they started), but I think it adds to the charm. So many great scenes, but my favorite is probably the chocolate milk & cooking oil-induced hallucination.
Caminante Nocturno
This is one of only two movies David Letterman has been in.
"When I return, I'll be a cabin man!"
"Purple lightning, that's never a good sign."
This would be a good opportunity to make the Ricki Lake tag active

I love this movie more than anything. 20 seconds in and already the credits (horizontal fish wipe!) are cracking me up.
Vestigial Johnson
Jet Bin Fever
Such a great jaunt down memory lane.
It's times like this that I realize the internet really does love me.
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