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bongoprophet - 2011-04-06

Jerusalem 6:00 PM, in a not so distant future.

it will remain not so distant forever, but you better believe it's not very distant!

CharlesSmith - 2011-04-06

WHO WANTS DESSERT, did I ever tell you that you're my hero? Because you are the wind beneath my wings.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2011-04-06

Yes, but you are the wings that are holding down his wind.

The Mothership - 2011-04-06

I watched the whole thing, I fucking wish that I hadn't, cause that's an hour and a bit that I will never get back. This is an awful, awful movie, from beginning to end.

WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2011-04-06

The two sequels are on Netflix instant streaming.

James Woods - 2011-04-06

Oh, man. Thanks. I hadn't seen since before bible college turned me in to an atheist.

Aubrey McFate - 2011-04-06

You too, huh?

James Woods - 2011-04-06



Syd Midnight - 2011-04-06

Only if they're American. And stupid.

Billy the Poet - 2011-04-06

The Omega Code is better

misterbuns - 2011-04-06

In what was one of my favorite instances of Wikipedia vandalism, the entire entry for this film was edited into a review of this film as was Break In 2 Electric Bugaloo, only set in an apocalyptic world.

It was not long for this earth :(

StanleyPain - 2011-04-06

I actually found the edit in this article history:

StanleyPain - 2011-04-06

Also, looking at the revision history, it would appear the person who did the "Breakin'" thing was, for a long time, actually trying to repair the article by shortening the ludicrously long plot explanation and rewording parts of the article to be more realistic and fair rather than the ass-kissing article that was there (claiming that the film was universally acclaimed as a masterpiece, stuff like that). Everything this person did kept being reverted as "vandalism" so I guess they gave up with this master stroke.

misterbuns - 2011-04-06

Thanks for hacking through my syntax errors. That entry really was a thing of beauty.

RIP Shabadoo and his mission to save the community center from squadrons of UN bombers.

kingofthenothing - 2011-04-06

You know how you have those stubborn friends who think things are going to be good or at least worth watching, and no matter how many times you tell them it's going to suck they don't believe you? This is one of those movies that drives the wedge between you even further.

StanleyPain - 2011-04-06

My favorites are the "I'm not into the religious stuff, I just think the story is interesting" fans this series of books has.

Paracelsus - 2011-04-07

Yes, as in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

FABIO - 2011-04-06

The sequels are even better/worse. Anti-christ U.N. atheist troops raiding an underground Christian warehouse. Mortally wounded Christian tells him comrade, "Forget about me! Get these bibles out of here!"

American Standard - 2011-04-07

I love it when Christians fantasize about being oppressed.

Corman's Inferno - 2011-04-07

I watched this in an actual theater. I was forced by my parents to attend a Southern Baptist church, which had pooled money with a few other churches to rent out a theater and show this terrible movie.

The theater they chose had large sections of the rows roped off, because the ceiling had started to come loose from water damage and fall in a pulpy clump on the seats. Not being a fan of sitting under potentially lethal plaster, I went to the lobby and played video games for most of its running time (and got yelled at by my uncle Because I let Satan win). The theater closed down a few months later.

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