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Desc:He just wants to spend his day with you.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:puppet, Gerbert, wtf is with his voice, The Family Channel
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Comment count is 5
Jimmy Labatt
Oh you want to spend the day with me, do you Gerber?

Alright then, you hold the winos down while I steal their booze. Then we'll both drink until we go blind. Then I will rape you in your ginger puppet ass.
If I did the voice of that puppet I would drink a lot.
One of the things about Gerbet that bugged me when I first came across this show being broadcast in the middle of the day on a local PBS station - asides from that voice, oh that horrible horrible voice - was the shape of his head. Does he have some sort of outer space mumps?
Gerbert's head is balls.

Head === scroticular sack.

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