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Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:parody, christians, godtube, Cletus
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Comment count is 14
I'm mostly giving this a four instead of a three because of "God Tub"
Hey, you know what? This is a boring video, but great on them for being Xtians lol lol lol who are able to take aim at the retards who lower the standards of religious discourse in America.
Do all white people look like billy ray cyrus?
I've been saying "All white people look the same anyway" for years. People always laugh, thinking that I'm kidding.

Yew betcher britches, pardner.

Do all black people look like don cheadle?

21 days ago

@josephjohn1: Are you speaking to the Lord when you say that?

6 months ago

god i can't stop laughing..........
Jet Bin Fever
It would've been acceptable had he said "DEAR LORD GOD IN HEAVEN JESUS CHRIST HALLELUJAH AMEN i can't stop laughing"

Without the caps it's just OFFENSIVE!

It's a sin to fish
I remember when the song this is satirizing was making the rounds on the local radio stations. I got nervous every time I heard it because it made me suspect I was sharing the road with people who took the metaphor literally and expected supernatural intervention to prevent car wrecks.
This is what I find offensive about Christians. The closet homosexuals who are bigots and want creationism taught in schools and blah blah blah don't bother me. That's an evil I can appreciate. But my experience with deeply religious people is they are mostly people that would love stuff like this. Ned Flanders type. Those are the Christians I cannot stand.
For future purposes, the video is a spoof of this Christian classic:

Which seems to be about a terrible mother who drives too fast and nearly kills her baby in a car accident, but we are meant to admire her because she's willing to risk her life and the life of her baby by asking a supernatural being to operate her Ford Escort for her, because driving is just too stressful ya'll.
God? Jesus? Satan? Ten Commandments? Revelations? All fairy tale bullshit.

On the other hand, I fully believe that every Christian can call upon a Larry the Cable Guy familiar in times of duress.
This is funny as hell and I don't care who made it
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