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Desc:How dare you not bow to the bling! (Actual trailer starts 45 seconds in.)
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:fundies, bling, Horrible cartoon infinity, christian film week
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Comment count is 8
Guy Maddin's foray into urban subject matter isn't as interesting as I had hoped.
And didst the Lord speak and say, 'firstly, shalt thou create a living house to be thy symbol through which you will do my works. Secondly, the living structure shall be of thoughts most plodding, like a three-legged ass on a frozen pond. Thirdly, the animation which announceth that this house is a symbol of Almighty God and the works of your hands shall take one minute, less a count to thrice of five to honor... something or other. Have a war over it and get back to me."
This is a Tim and Eric, thing, right? I mean, there's no way that someone can put out a trailer where they actually cut themselves off while saying the name of their production company.
Are the flowers that come out of the locker ripped from Bubble Bobble?
Maybe Secret of Mana?

I prefer the pornographic adaptation "Brewskies and the Farm Barn." Not unsurprisingly, it too has a stinky locker.
Jesus loves you. Worship him or he'll rip your head off and shit down your neck while fucking your eye sockets.

And stuff.
41 second bumper?
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