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Desc:How a preist lost his faith, and tales of papist dickishness.
Tags:priest, athiest, apostasy, dick moves
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Comment count is 11
Mother_Puncher - 2011-04-11
and imaboutto BREAK
Riskbreaker - 2011-04-11

gmol - 2011-04-11
I spend every day in fear that my life will end up turning out something like this.
gmol - 2011-04-11
I like his voice and delivery though.

Sundry - 2011-04-12
What do you mean? His life is no picnic, but he seems to have done well as a teacher.

gmol - 2011-04-12
Sure, and I probably over estimate the negative psychological (and monetary) impact of having to deliver papers in adult life.

But you can smell the hint of bitterness in his stories. The detailed accounts of who he was with, what they said and what their titles were (pastor vs. assistant pastor). References to very specific events where someone was insensitive, unjustly cruel or wrong. We've all had (many) such experiences and (at least I) recall them more than we care to admit (REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN SOMEONE AT WORK WAS WRONG AND A JERK EVEN THOUGH HE WAS WRONG...I WAS RIGHT AND HE WAS WRONG).

I don't want to be doing that when I am his age, or at least be able to afford to spice such (infrequently told) stories with some clever humor ("afford" in the sense that I have an abundance of satisfaction in my life).

Sundry - 2011-04-12
The man could have continued saying things he did not believe while enjoying the embrace of the Catholic church. Instead he chose to become a teacher of the things he KNEW.

It was a freaking counter-religious calling. I do not think he is as bitter as you make him out to be.

Callamon - 2011-04-11
So what exactly did he disagree with that caused him to leave the church? From dozens of reels he decided the church controls peoples lives? I would have like a little more detail than what he gave.
Johnny Madhouse - 2011-04-12
This guy has done more with his life than you ever will.

Also, more about that in an upcoming video.

Anaxagoras - 2011-04-12
I don't have anything witty, or even particularly interesting to say about this clip, but it was well worth watching. Thanks a bunch for posting it, Phalsebob.

themilkshark - 2011-04-12
Interesting story. I want to see more of his videos end up here.
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