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Desc:'this is the norm...'
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:christians, hot chicks, godtube, modesty
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Comment count is 35
Bort - 2011-04-13
*points to rood*
That guy - 2013-02-07

misterbuns - 2011-04-13
Wow good thing that guy believes in hell or he would probably just rape the whole campus.
Spoonybard - 2011-04-13
If this guy weren't religious, he would still rape women, but he wouldn't kill them afterward to conceal his shame

Vaidency - 2011-04-13
"The reproductive drive, the single most powerful biological imperative, is deeply wrong. The master and creator of the entire universe designed it into every cell of your being so that you could spend your life being constantly tortured by your own instincts, and ultimately prove your worth by denying yourself the thing you want most."

What a warped, depraved ideology. How could a god who did things like that even be worthy of worship? No wonder aethism is the fastest-growing religious affiliation in this country.
cognitivedissonance - 2011-04-13
Oh, let's be fair. It wasn't evil until we had the knowledge of good and evil, which was our own fault. And a talking snake was involved.

Noober - 2011-04-13
It can also be dealt with in a moral fashion via the divine sacrament of matrimony.

Which I guess made a lot more sense back when everyone got married in their teens.

Riskbreaker - 2011-04-13
God is the ultimate troll.

kamlem - 2011-04-13
I really want to replace all the music on his mp3 player with "Smang it" and "Yankin" just to see what the effect would be.
TheOtherCapnS - 2011-04-13
I'm actually not sure which would be more creepy. This guy whispering over the theme from Cast Away, or this guy whispering over Yankin...

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2011-04-13
The Christian wing of TFL.
fatatty - 2011-04-13
Let's get some grease on this slope and slide on down to burqa town!
Adramelech - 2011-04-13
Framing the entire video with "This is the norm" at the beginning really ramped it up from standard religious idiocy to terror level red.

I don't struggle with uncontrollable rage and lust every time I see a woman out of a burka and neither does anyone I know. Sounds like he needs a mental health professional and not a Bible.
TheOtherCapnS - 2011-04-13
Sounds like he needs to get laid to me.

pastorofmuppets - 2011-04-13
No way this guy isn't hella ugly.

sjohnson301 - 2011-04-13
Any chance the narrator wrote all these "letters"? Also, guy wearing football jersey in Church at 4:15 is no big deal. Also, I'll betcha these are the same people that protest Muslim burqa laws and so forth. Just ridiculous.
revdrew - 2011-04-13
How dare all of those sluts be attractive to me!
phalsebob - 2011-04-13
2 minutes is all I could stand.
misterbuns - 2011-04-13
You missed the part where he started whispering for dramatic effect. Sublime.

Konversekid - 2011-04-13
"Temptation to lust"

I'm definitely going to use variations of that in the future.
erratic - 2011-04-13
If it weren't on Godtube, I would have called hoax. ho-lee shit.
jangbones - 2011-04-13
I know how this dude feels, I constantly must control my overwhelming urge to punch elitist Christians
Cena_mark - 2011-04-13
For a group that believes an omnipotent being has their back Christians can be such pussies.
Xenocide - 2011-04-13
Women, you don't know what you're doing to us men. If only you knew what it's like to have a sex drive. To find out, ask your dad. Then ask him to tell you what to wear.
IrishWhiskey - 2011-04-13
"I've never sat down with a girl and asked her Why. All I need to know is that she presents herself to the world as bait for my sin to latch onto."

"Women need to understand what is going on in guys' minds, and they need to adjust their behavior accordingly."

I'm starting to understand why feminism and civil rights gets such a hostile reaction from these groups. Its like people trying to explain their need for scuba tanks to jellyfish.

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-13
This is a terribly unchristian approach to the topic. A better one would say, "wear what you want, and I will respect you as a human being and my equal and not constantly be wanting to fuck your brains out. I'm not horribly repressed and can handle these things like a normal fucking person and not a rapist."
Bort - 2012-03-24
Bingo -- these guys don't see women as people. But I think it's more than that. I wonder if they are trying to make their relationship with God so central that nobody else really matters except as a plot point, to either help them stay tight with God or to tempt them away. So that chick in line at the cafeteria ... ? She doesn't exist in her own right, she exists only to the extent that she influences the guy in question.

BOOSH - 2011-04-13
oh my god. This has to be a joke.

favorite quotes:

- "I've never sat down with a girl and asked her "why". All I need to know is that the way she presents herself to the world is bait for my sinful mind to latch onto and I need to avoid it at all costs"

- "To the girls who are ignorant, please serve your brother and have your dad screen your wardrobe. Ask him how you can better choose holiness over worldliness. He's a guy. He knows more than you do about the issue"

- The whole passage around the 6 minute mark where he writes about how he can't look at those filthy sluts showing "even a little part of their stomach" without battling temptation

Kumquatxop - 2011-04-14



World War II == having a boner
Billy the Poet - 2011-04-14
If there was one thing I couldn't stand about college. it was all of the attractive women in revealing clothes.
Uulanbaatorbaby - 2011-04-14
Hey! Donīt be rude, people!I know where this guy is coming from, I struggle with my lust every day! Sometimes I have to use both hands!
Syd Midnight - 2011-04-14
That's the thing, words like "temptation" and "lust" are their code for masturbation. This is the type of guy who can't jerk off without spending the rest of the day begging God, support groups, and an internet audience about it. His entire life centers around his masochistic sex rituals, but when he gets caught beating off in public he's gonna blame it all on Satan and immodest dress.

mon666ster - 2011-04-14
It's surprising that these people are so terrified of Islam, given that they have so much in common with it.
FABIO - 2011-08-10

Rudy - 2011-04-14
The comments.
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