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Desc:This Man Is A Rapist.
Tags:Japan, schoolgirl, weeaboo, gaijin, japanophile
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The Mothership
Oh my, this guy's a real piece of work. His YouTube channel is a gold mine.
Nice to see that Tim Rogers has learned about a little thing called brevity.
Like a live action version of some horrible web comic I have thankfully never read.
Makes me sad :(
This has happened to me on multiple occasions. Both women and men. I have also done this to other strangers.
Welp. That came out wrong.

Happened to me once on the train as well. I wouldn't record it and post it on the internet , though.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, me too. It happened all the time in Japan. Once, I was riding on the Seibu Ikebukuro line in the evening and had two old Japanese ladies rest their heads on both of my shoulders at once. I remember it because I found it really silly and amusing, not because I popped a huge boner and filmed it.
This guy reallllly bothers me. He's another fucking pervert gaijin that needs to get kicked out of the country.

The comments on YouTube, perfect. His whole channel makes me want to take a shower to wash the creep off of me.
Pass the brain bleach!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Is he there to teach English to school children? Are we obligated to notify the authorities?
Yeah, this kind of creepiness is not good to have in a schoolteacher.

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For strategic purposes, he has not taught them how to say "no" yet.

Syd Midnight
No no no, you're supposed to look at the related YOUTUBE video titles. They pretty much tell the whole story:

Japanese School Girl Sailor Suits

Hot Sleeping Japanese Lady Secretly VIdeo Taped

Proof that Japanese Girls Want to be Groped on ...

school girl gone to sleep


Asian girl falling asleep on subway

Diapered Japanese SchoolGirls

woman sleeping in the train

Japanese schoolgirl meets ... beautiful young girl

Japanese Protest Demonstration: No More Gaijin

That shit eating grin really makes this.
You know what that means...

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He likes to eat shit?


Tom Collins
Jet Bin Fever
ARRRRRRRRG, this is horribly creepy. This man should be in jail.

film of the year

five stars and an Oscar
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