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Desc:I propose clicks and whistles week
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:Africa, clicks and whistles, botswana, koekhoegowab
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Comment count is 20
Dude awesome. How the hell do you make such a good popping sound
I tried. I can make a great popping sound, but not inside a word. damn you tongue!!

"I Don't Understand" is by far the hardest phrase to pronounce, which doesn't help things.
Jet Bin Fever
A confused look is a lot more effective.

too bad none of these required whistles
Grandmaster Funk
No known language requires whistles, although some have whistle-based paralinguistic codes. And the rapping kids weren't speaking a click language at all, or at least didn't use any clicks. The "clicks and whistles" thing is kind of racist, to be frank.

Shona is reported to have whistled sibilants.

Comrade Admiral
Yeah, with Shona though, it's not the case that any of its phonemic inventory consists of actual whistles, but rather that its syllable template allows for initial consonant clusters like [zv] and [sf]. These sound kind of like whistles, but they are not, not in the same sense that click consonants are distinct phonemes.

I spent 2 hours trying to make the ASCII sign for "football player busting through the wall and beating you fags up", but it just looked like R2D2 buying a couple of saxophones.

These are for you, sir.

Chumbucket, sure, none of these phrases REQUIRED whistles, but you are certainly free to improvise.

Jet Bin Fever
Thanks Ursa. I've always been astounded by the level of beard stroking in some of these comments.

I stroked your mother's beard.

*tsk* Homie.
*tsk* Homie gay.

It's a pity.

This one was actually an "oh shit" moment because even today we use "*tsk* aww" to signify disappointment. That shit is primal I guess.

They are from Namibia, not the lower paleolithic era, racist ass hat.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Yeah,"primal" indicates stone age technology.

No language is really primal. Though the older or isolated a language group you delve into, the more likely it is to be ergatic.

Also, I've read a little about southern African languages enough to know that if I study them my head would explode. Still, fascinating.

I learned!
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