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Desc:This scene...doesn't really make much sense in context.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Bill Cosby, meat, leonard part 6, weiner, eyebrowless henchman
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Caminante Nocturno
Say no to gay marriage.
This is what Republicans actually believe.

Well, now I'm afraid of a little meat.
According to wikipedia, he got that magic hot dog from a gypsy in his quest to bring down evil vegetarians.
Yes, the movie seemed to imply that vegetarians were like some kind of vampires that explode on contact with meat products.

They didn't understand vegetarianism well in the 80's after all.

On the contrary, it sounds like they understood it perfectly.

Between this and Ghost Dad, Bill Cosby didn't make the best movie script decisions.
He produced this movie and came up with the story himself. Before it was released, he publicly disowned it and blamed it all on the director.

I used to think that guy was one of the wheelers from Return to OZ when I was a kid, and that made him pretty scary to me.
Based on this clip alone, I am positive that Bill Cosby is actually an aspie.
I never thought this movie was nearly as bad as its press. I don't think it's some unsung work of comedic genius, but I thought it had some funny moments and when it came out it was basically a pitch perfect parody of all the crap action movies that were coming out right around the same time.
The evil vegetarian kind of looked like Mayor Wilkins.
Jet Bin Fever
Sawdust is the kid-friendly brain goop.
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