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Desc:a dupe but the old one seems to be broken!
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:amen, amen break. break, jungle music
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Comment count is 12
I swear I have seen this, I don't know if it were here or not.
Innocent Bystander
Yes you have.

And everywhere else on the internet.

The Mothership
see, there is this thing called the 'update dead link' link...
Are you sure? The old link seems to be working fine for me:


For some postmodern "reading," or "textual analysis" if you will, of some boring ass pop-culture history, or "his"-"story" appropriation of balblablablablabla.
Then how do mash-up "artists" like Girl Talk get away with blatant use of other people's music while selling albums and doing shows for a ticket if copyright laws are so strict on even small portions of music?
I think Girl Talk gives his albums away for free and these albums serve as an advert for his live DJ sets, where he makes his money.

Syd Midnight
Bo Diddley beat is more important
I wonder why no one rated this. Hope I'm not spoiling anything.

Anyone else have the beat playing in their head long before the guy introduced it? I swear I've been listening to that beat for my entire life.
The Mothership
one does not usually rate duplicate videos, and if one does it is usually a 1 star, so that the original submission will get more recognition and the original submitter will win. All part of the strange agreed-upon user rules here at poetv.


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