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Desc:What it says, besides the awesome part
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:video games, MMORPG, bad games, blade mistress
Submitted:teenage mutant lisa turtle
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Comment count is 11
chumbucket - 2011-04-22
I'm in aw
VoilaIntruder - 2011-04-22
a gather of different clans in fingle, notice there weapons with particle floating off

Thats there OWN CUSTOMIZABLE weapon, the particle is know as dust there are 6differnt ingots to

baleen - 2011-04-22
For some reason everything about this video reminds me of SolRo.

Ghoul - 2011-04-22
Runs at a mighty 8 frames per second.
Redford - 2011-04-22
Fittingly, the entire last three minutes of the video are music on a black screen with a broken annotation link.
Aggro Craig - 2011-04-22
I'm glad they let the video run those 3 extra minutes so I could finish listening to that badass trance!
1394 - 2011-04-23
Samuel Barber is rolling in his grave

exy - 2011-04-22
Maybe they'd have time to show more of the awsome features if there weren't frequent minute-long stretches with people standing motionless in groups.
fluffy - 2011-04-22
Well it's more of a game than Bob's Game at least
Sudan no1 - 2011-04-23
This game is for muscle lady fetishists, isn't it?
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-23
OH NO A WITCH... oh... she ran right past... okay.
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