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Desc:vampire wrestler...'some sort of a medieval goblet'
Category:Sports, Horror
Tags:wwf, vampire, attitude, Gangrel
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Comment count is 11
Caminante Nocturno

-1 for this not being a match where the lights go off and they dump stage blood on his opponent.
I have collected multiple paychecks from White Wolf.

They still joke about this.
Modern Angel
What'd you work on over there?

I'm gonna have to one up you on this one son.

I was watching this at Mark Rhein*Hagen's house when it came on.

He hadn't heard a word about it, and he was on the phone the next morning to Atlanta...

Turns out they hadn't licensed it from White Wolf, but they did soon after that.

I did some work on Requiem.

I'm disappointed by Youtube's apparent lack of the big Undertaker-Gangrel-and-Brood promo that essentially buried Gangrel and launched the Brood into the midcard.

For some reason, a guy who'd wrestled for years in the indies under a vampire gimmick never thought to plan out a good, strong introductory promo to get his character over. Instead, Gangrel talked in a sort of Mr. Rogers voice about how some people don't respect his "alternative lifestyle."

Great ring entrance and DDT, though.
Yeah, when I was perusing through the Titantron promos, I did make it a point to search out Gangrel's, because seriously, that guy was a fucking clown.

His lame-ass promo I found was the same one that is playing in this video.

I used to really like this dude :|
Jerry Lawler doing commentary on his own son pretending to fight a vampire.
Nothing this guy did in the ring impressed me. He always seemed so...sloppy.

Also, +5 alone for the cut-in at :11 of Lawler talking to Vince through the headset about trying to get a line in (probably a catch phrase or something Lawler dropped).
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