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Desc:Duh-huh-huh-huh, sword.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Sean Connery, Highlander, rifftrax, Kurgan, christopher lambert
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Comment count is 13

Chuckled until then. Then laughed ridiculous.
Oh, hi! Lander.

The Highlander was a documentary, and its events were filmed in real time.

Rodents of Unusual Size
She was remarkably average, I must agree.
I never could get into this faction of MST3k, their jokes seem a little too deliberately accessible. Joel Hodgeson and Trace Beaulieu always felt like they were making jokes for themselves and trusting that the audience could keep up and those who couldn't weren't the audience.
Innocent Bystander
I'm inclined to agree. They also make a lot more fart/poop jokes, which mst3k tended to avoid (at least with Joel/Trace).

Caminante Nocturno
Did they make this Rifftrax solely to trick you into watching Highlander again and realizing how bad it is?
Google up "Movies that came out in 1985". See the whole list, and see all the awesomeness. Now check out "Movies that came out in 1986". There are a few good ones on there - Alien, Big Trouble In Little China, Little Shop of Horrors, The Fly, The Boy Who Could Fly, but still, the list isn't anywhere near as impressive as the 1985 list.

People needed Highlander in 1986. You know what movie came out the same day? Carebears, man. Fucking Carebears. You'd need to see some movie about people chopping off dudes' heads with swords if you were forced to sit through Carebears.

Another little known 1986 fact: everyone had to see every movie that came out.

Busby Berkeley
This is actually true. I still have PTSD from seeing a quadruple feature of The Clan of the Cave Bear, Club Paradise, Eliminators & Rad.

Is it wrong that this makes me want to watch Highlander again? Just... just one last time?

Rape Van Winkle
I wish they'd stay away from movies that I like, despite, or because of, the cheese factor.

Highlander isn't perfect, but it's still fucking rad.

Next they'll do the Last Dragon or the Crow. And I'll be like, wow, I had no idea those were B movies when I loved them all through childhood.

Or the Wraith. The Wraith, you'll remember, is pretty much the Crow, in high school, in the desert, with drag racers. In other words, the Wraith is pretty much the greatest film of all time. Fucking Rifftrax would nitpick and ruin it all over.

But I guess they can't do Star Wars anymore, because redlettermedia came along and was much too clever for them to compete with.

Nobody wants that...
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