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Desc:Accomplishes more with 16 colors than some games do with 16 million
Category:Video Games
Tags:DOS, Why dont they make these games anymore?, shareware, apogee, Commander Keen
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Comment count is 16
My first computer game. *wistful sigh*
One of my first, too. Never did register, though.


teenage mutant lisa turtle
One of my first 16 color games, which was very refreshing after a few years playing 4 color CGA. Mostly gold box AD&D

Those trees are high as fuck.
Forget the trees, I want whatever the mushrooms are on.

So many secret passages you don't even have to play the game the way it was intended.
I always liked this one the best out of the Keen games.
It's pretty easily the best one.

Dude playing this must have worked for Apogee, or got a game guide from a BBS LOL!
I can't remember which Commander Keen I played but I don't remember it looking like this. I also remember playing the first Duke Nukem which didn't look much different.
Sweetest perfection.
I would regain all my respect for id software if they made a new Commander Keen.
this one was more difficult than Keen 5 Goodbye Galaxy. thus my 8 year old self liked 5 more. gotta love those item collect noises
Jet Bin Fever
I love the Sports Center jingle when you reach the end of the level.

This game is so good. I wish my computer still had a floppy drive, because it's still on a disk not... 15 feet away from me or so. Shareware week makes me feel so old.
Fucking thank you, POETV, for shareware week. Beautiful.
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