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Desc:bringing 80's games to Shareware week
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:80s, camel, PC, shareware, sopwith
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Comment count is 7
Fucking holy shit. A game I (with good reason) would never have remembered existed otherwise.

For those whose platform would not support Choplifter, I bring you this.
By "I" I mean erratic. By "Choplifter" I mean something shareware that's similar. And while we're talking about Broderbund software, how 'bout Talon, eh? You could rip off Joust worse.

I remember my friend had this and a bunch of other games on a floppy disk which also included a program called Squirt.

Which was a full screen pixel woman who would squirt pixel milk out of her nipples over and over. My first contact with computer porn.
I did indeed have this game. I remember being terribly frustrated with it. It seemed so simple, but it was so damn hard. It probably had something to do with the fact that, with the computing power of the era, hitting a key and seeing the response was not instantaneous.
after several levels the red barons moved around so quickly (of course without any kind of AI) that the game was physically impossible to progress in, it was a great little PC arcade game for its time though.

oh man I played this game for HOURS and HOURS
I know, right? the best part for me was getting two red barons to dogfight you at the same time. Then try to get them to accidentally shoot each other down!

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