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Valvados - 2011-04-26

For this to be a truly accurate representation of how we played this in 6th grade, the two gorillas should be named "Fart" and "Poop."

simon666 - 2011-04-26

If this bad video game trend turns into another beavis and buthead 2 week long wank-fest I'm going to be bummed.

kingarthur - 2011-04-26

Yeah, my family didn't own a computer until 1996. I share not in the nostalgia of most of these games.

UmbilicalFiend - 2011-04-26

gotta go for the sun. show that smug motherfucker who's boss.

Volbard - 2011-04-26

Truly, it was no Nibbles.

twinkieafternoon - 2011-04-26

Don't blow up yourself. That's how you lose automatically. I did that a bunch of times.

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