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Desc:Borderlands robot helps with popping a question
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:marriage, Proposal, Borderlands, Claptrap
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Comment count is 11
Truly the last word in customer service.

So was I the only one who thought this character's writing and performance was just a one dimensional rip off of the mooninites?
I think that gives them far too much credit.

"Hey, let's take what amounts to an annoying white guy douchebag and make him a robot! Brilliant!"

The game was crap, too. I'm guessing the animation budget ran out pretty quickly, given the dude you saw through a slit in a door and all the people whose mouths were covered by masks.

Innocent Bystander
The game sucked, and you suck, too, Claptrap.
He needs a beer and a stogie. Also he needs to be Bender.
Played this game for a couple hours. I'm still waiting for this guy to do something as funny as people say he is.
There are new marriage proposals available in Fyrestone!!
Hey. Okay, yeah, maybe the game's not "Ratchet and Clank" enough, but this is still a cool thing to do for a fan.
I never understood the hate for Borderlands.

Diablo's Wander, Kill, Loot, Repeat meets Fallout 3's atmosphere & morbid humor.

Ah well, here's looking forward to Borderworlds!

Yeah, I never had a problem with it. You could be totally hammered and never mess up. Can't say the same about most games. In Oblivion I accidentily dropped a lot of equipment into lava from some bridge between towers in some other world, some world I could never go back to once the portal closed. In Fallout 3 I used up all my ammo and stimpaks and donated all my money to the church and somehow my apartment got decorated with sixty deathclaw hands. There were evil claws coming out from under the bed, even.

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