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Desc:'Bluemoon's creation of SkyRoads was a polished-up remake of the game Kosmonaut.'
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:90s, DOS, shareware, SkyRoads
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Comment count is 8
chumbucket - 2011-05-02
Looks like a pretty fun game. I'm assuming the O2 meter was there as a sort of timer?
freedoom - 2011-05-02
If i remember correctly the O2 meter was for your jump fuel. You needed it in order to get the car to jump over gaps.

Tom Collins - 2011-05-02
And the second road rips off Autechre ineptly.

Basically this is Audiosurf without rhythm.
freedoom - 2011-05-02
I played the shit out of the shareware version of this. Never got a full copy.
Redlof - 2011-05-02
It's free now! Go play it! Go play old dos games forever!

Innocent Bystander - 2011-05-02
This game was great.

I was nearly as good at it as the person playing this.
Cube - 2011-05-02
That's some irresponsible road planning.
Maggot Brain - 2011-05-02
This, Pickle Wars, One Must Fall, and some sort of team management war game kill manly after school hours.
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