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Desc:Kinda...OK, EXACTLY...like Gorillas but with a lot more weapons and better splosions.
Category:Video Games, Religious
Tags:video games, 90s, explosions, Shareware week
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Modern Angel
This came well before Gorillas. It's also the greatest game ever made.
Modern Angel
I should rephrase that. There was a game with stationary tanks exactly like this (minus some weapons) which came out well before Gorillas.

It was called Tank War and it had a fractal bomb.

Yes. This was the greatest game ever in elementary school. We installed it on everything with a hard drive and a monitor.
If you didn't buy parachutes you were an idiot. Funky bombs rule. This was the Mother of all Games.
On my 15MHz computer the nuke explosions would take 2 minutes to complete which just enough time to top up a Burger King glass full of grape pop.
Once I got the hang of rollers, it was all about rollers.
Aggro Craig
Protip: Napalm goes right through shields.
I was King of the MIRVs
Always invest in lasers and a couple of tons of dirt. Shooting someone through a mountain, or burying a tank and watching it napalm itself are extremely satisfying experiences.
teenage mutant lisa turtle
No no you all have it wrong. It's the race to get shields then the defensive computer, and use heavy diggers/sandhogs on the morons who didn't buy parachutes
I remember the computer lab at school having this installed and every spare minute between typing tests, some kid would be playing this.

Or printing out dot-matrix pictures of mushrooms over and over.

pressed peanut sweepings
I went MIRV crazy with this game.

In school, we usually changed the config files for massive starting cash. Setting the game for simultaneous fire made it more like 10 rounds of mutually assured destruction on the first shot. Occasionally, a computer would win due to dumb luck of being on the one piece of dirt not erased from existence.

Jet Bin Fever
Ahh it was always fun to set all blast ranges on as large as possible, turn off the ceiling and wind, then launch a Death's Head into the stratosphere, only for it to come down and murder absolutely every tank.
This game is truly the greatest game ever. Doing some serious changing the text files so the tanks say third-grade swears
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