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Desc:Can't have shareware without hardware
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:shareware, unboxing, adlib, sound card
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My soundcard lineage:

1. IBM Music Feature Card. Only supported in a few games by Sierra and only then because someone at IBM had a hard-on for Roberta Williams.

2. Gravis Ultra Sound with 1MB memory installed. I'd show up at LAN parties to play Descent on my Pentium 60, GUS, and a Thrustmaster yoke, throttle, and pedals. That's how I rolled.

3. Soundblaster AWE32. I paid a guy in college for a used one (which is like 0 in non-college money) and promptly dropped it in the snow. He wouldn't refund me but told me he bought it at Nordstrom and they had a great return policy. I had never been in a Nordstrom, and didn't even know what they sold, so I walked up to returns counter of the Yakima Nordstrom and tried to return a rusty Soundblaster. The lady politely declined me but the onlookers thought I was a real asshole trying to take advantage of Nordstrom. True story.

4. Whatever has been put on a single chip and bundled onto the motherboard. Despite Soundblaster's best efforts to add value, the sound card died. I have an external sound interface for recording but that's a different scenario.
Ha ha, you believed the Nordstrom customer service story.

Try it with tires next time.

I had an AdLib. Right after I bought it, a cow orker told me I had to have one of the newfangled Sound Blasters. I bought the Sound Blaster on Prodigy, my first online purchase ever.

Hee hee, Enjoy: I had the Thrustmaster pro flight stick, throttle, and pedals because Thrustmaster gave them to me. They did rock. Descent was hilarious with them.
as soon as games stopped using MIDI sound cards really became irrelevant. I loved trying to configure DOS sound drivers and having to configure each game for my sound card. I had to beg my father to buy a sound card for our 486. Got the cheapest one i could find at a computer show.
This is the greatest sound card if you want all your games to sound like Kraftwerk.
it was all about Sound Blaster Pro and Dr. Sbaitso
I miss my Pro Audio Spectrum 16. Now there was a soundcard.
The list of game publishers reminds me how few on that list exist now.
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