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Desc:Or is it slightly more complicated?
Category:Science & Technology, News & Politics
Tags:Evolution, creationism, SCIENCE!, abiogenesis
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Konversekid - 2011-05-04
Probably the most worthwhile video I have watched on biology. Absolutely amazing as a crash course in potential means of abiogenesis of chemicals to living things.
IrishWhiskey - 2011-05-04
I was starting to wonder if the British-Australians had exclusivity on snarky YouTube science videos. Finally some Irish representation.

It starts critical of creationism, the straight informative science starts about 4 minutes in.

oddeye - 2011-05-04
Good stuff but his accent makes me think of him as potholer's hillbilly cousin.
Udderdude - 2011-05-04
That just makes it even better.

poorwill - 2011-05-04
5:45 DOGGY
Bort - 2011-05-05
Needs a "Jon Pertwee" tag.
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