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Desc:Harder hit than LSD with no side effects
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:christianity, stacydenboer, The Blood of Jesus
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Didn't watch it all, I just want to know why shitty microphones/webcams give a background sound of a jet turbine idling before take-off.

I'll star this after I finish it.
Oscar Wildcat
I smoke Elvis Presleys toenails when I want to get high.
Hi all my friends in...Innerdet Land
I was raised Catholic, and I got my weekly "Blood of Christ" at church along with some "Body of Christ" for good measure. We all stood in line to get a little thin wafer of bread and a sip from the nasty communal chalice of cheap wine. I'm guessing this guy took home some boxed "Blood of Christ" from the supermarket before making this video.
Also, skip to 3:55

pressed peanut sweepings
I was raised Episcopalian, and I got a sip of watered-down port. I like it a lot, and when I started drinking in college, i was disappointed at the taste of most standard wines.

Wow. Check out his other videos. More of the same, which is pure gold.
No side effects? Well, denial Is a major part of addiction..
Big Name Celebrity
He's like Buddy Cole after a year of "Pray Away the Gay" classes.
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