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Desc:don't pretend you're too good for this
Tags:lyrics, O Fortuna, Carmina Burana, Vimto
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Comment count is 11
Dread Pirate Roberts - 2011-05-05
Salsa cookies give you gonorrhea!?
Menudo con queso - 2011-05-05
Suck juice from moose!
TeenerTot - 2011-05-05
I kind of ashamed to love this so much.
TeenerTot - 2011-05-05
Also, I always want to call it "Bib Fortuna." Like Jabba's toadie.

memedumpster - 2011-05-05
I don't whether to thank God or not that I wasn't the only one to have that thought.

pressed peanut sweepings - 2011-05-05
That was dumb.
Rudy - 2011-05-05
Some octopi have it sooo easy.
The Faghorn - 2011-05-05
I'm way too good for this.
Paracelsus - 2011-05-05
Dumb. Funny. 5.
TheOtherCapnS - 2011-05-05
Some of em were spot on, good stuff.
SixDigitDebt - 2011-05-05
Saw some wookies
Great big wookies
They came to maul Darth Vader
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