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Desc:2010 Car commercial featuring the attractive cheetah lady and her three legged friend. Pretty cute.
Category:Advertisements, Pets & Animals
Tags:Africa, vokswagen, three-legged cheetah, Marlice van Vuuren
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 10
Not only was it cute, but the end worked as an advertisement for the product.

Unlike a lot of other ads which seem to be "Look at this mountain climber/sick kid/happy wife. Now buy our product. Why? Because fuck you, that's why."

And also it reminded me that Polyphonic Spree existed.

If you have crippled cheetahs, you can make them happy, too? It works well as an advertisement, but not because it gives you any sort of *reason* to purchase a VW.

We're the crippled cheetahs who can't run fast and feel weak and disconnected from nature. But when we drive we become fast like a cheetah feeling powerful, free, and connected to our uncomplicated natural selves. In a less metaphorical sense, its fun for you and your dog to drive sticking your heads out of the car window, and a cute woman thinks it's a cool car.

Tom Collins
It implies they're good family cars. Which is their market.

The only consolation to this being an advertisement is that this lady likely used the money she made doing it to keep this place open.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Lucky the cheetah was in the back seat, with his head out the window, and he was all, "You four legged cheetahs can SUCK IT!"

"Because fuck you, that's why" really ought to be a tag
This got an awwwwwww out of me. Damn you, Volkswagen!
Tom Collins
I nearly cried.

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