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Desc:He saw three red cars today. It's a very GOOD day.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:parody, autism, Aspergers, The Onion, Onion News Network
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Comment count is 31
I am wildly offended by how darkly humorous this is.

Well, with that post deleted those replies make a lot less sense now.

I thought this was funny because of how the autistic reporter is portrayed.

If I could quiet you by placing both of my arms around you and slapping you on your back, I would.

Tom Collins
Yeah, as if white people don't get shot.

Slagathor 1 starred this Onion News video related to autism with a comment consisting on 25 characters.

Slagathor 1-starred the last Onion News video related to autism with a comment consisting of 25 characters.

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Hmm... he did have a comment an hour ago...?

Tom Collins
What the

Some people feel that they are exempt from anyone making light of their dark existence.

Caminante Nocturno
I can't wait to see what Slagathor has to say about this.
Five for Slagathor continuing to play us like a violin.
This is offensive and you can guarantee at least one of the Digimon message boards I post on is going to hear about this.
Slagathor hates this video and everyone even remotely connected to its production. I hate the DP. I hate the gaffer. I hate the production assistant. I hate the script supervisor. I hate the person responsible for craft services. I hate the director. I hate the principal actors. I hate the featured extras. I hate the extras. I hate the writer. I hate the person responsible for color correction (who might be the same person that I hate who edited this piece of hateful shit and who might have also been responsible for both sound mixing and sound design as it seems to be a pissant little production). I hate the financial backers. I hate the producer. I hate the asshole who did the rigging. I especially hate the sound guy because all sound guys are either neanderthal fucking morons or utter fucking douchebags who name their children Madison or Ethan. I fucking hate everyone who had anything to do with this. I fucking hate myself for watching it. And believe me, I have written an angry letter to the Onion.
Tom Collins
Would it help if we took you to McDonald's or something?

Why are they all Muslims or black or women?

I hate your publisher, who still hasn't released Icon in an e-book format.

Fur is Murder
Ah, so you are capable of feeling at least one emotion. I'm impressed.

Tom Collins
I was looking forward to reading that, but the only UK stockist is some expat American store thing, and they want $$$ for it.

But they're all available as e-books on Kindle.

There are 4,982 grains of rice in this small bag of rice.

I have a shower head with 56 holes in the nozzle.

Meatsack Jones
Still sounds like me on a Star Wars rant...

Would you like a Jelly Baby?

You are a great big wuss, Slag. You're a big, weepy, wuss. You should one star any videos that make fun of wussies, because you are the High Priest of the Wussboro Baptist Church.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Would you like to go watch some cars? It might make you feel better.

He's right about sound guys, though.

I found this funny.
Needs more Minecraft grinding.
Needs more Dwarf Fortressing...

This is pretty accurate. I have a nephew who is autistic and everytime the family gets together, it's like having dinner with this guy.
Not nearly as bad as the Today Now where they interview an anorexic woman about her "no food" diet.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is what the movie Adam should have been like.
The buttons were black
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