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Desc:A dozen cops search a farm for dangerous items. Show no common sense or regards for privacy.
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:Police, Police raid, scary headwear, nothing better to do
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Comment count is 14
In the UK, a balaclava (ski mask) constitutes probable cause.
i love how they kept cutting back to it

that and the utility knife that was so dangerous

The Mothership
not particularly evil. I also fail to see this lack of common sense. I also fail to see how a police search with a warrant is supposed to respect privacy.

They had no evidence or witnesses that there had been any guns in that farm. The spent casings came from the guy buying metal to sell later.

They ham it up for the cameras and treat an air rifle sitting against a wall is a grenade. They seize a kukri machete and a flick knife from a fucking FARMER. And at least one of the crossbows they are taking is nothing more than a torn-to-pieces handle with not even a bow. Oh, and they find one old arrowhead but not once did they mention finding a single arrow.

And the real reason the man was under suspicion was because he was a gypsy.
Ah. And even if they found nothing illegal they issued an official warning. A warning that is permanently attached to the records of this man despite being no crime.

UK cops are very polite about this. In America someone would have been tossed to the ground and at least zapped in the first five minutes. Possibly one of the dogs shot. The air rifle would be conveniently missing because one of the cops thought it was cool. etc.

The Mothership
Oh, he's a gypsy farmer. Well then, the Sussex Police never should have bothered such a fine, upstanding individual. How did they decide to bother him in the first place? They must have selected him at random. What a travesty of justice.

Your guys fault for replying to him. Let this be a lesson to you.

How can you be a Gypsy and a farmer?! That makes no sense!

Uh, what's wrong with this?
Syd Midnight
Ever hear of a little thing called the fourth amendment?!?

Uh... England doesn't have that.

Oh okay, this is all cool then. Morals and ethics are dictated entirely by legislation.

They have the 4th in the UK?
Yes but it regulates acceptable tannin levels in tea. Not sure how it applies in this case.

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