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Desc:The sister song to Flame On from the crap 90s Fantastic Four cartoon
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:The Thing, fantastic four, Flame On
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Comment count is 6
TO: Gerald Baldwin
FROM: Paul B. Strickland
RE: Clobberin' Time Animation

Jerry, I just reviewed the animation you sent for our big musical climax, and it's a joke. Its less than 10 seconds long, you forgot to animate the singer's mouth, the background effects are a 1 second loop, and I'm pretty sure you are deliberately trying to trigger epilepsy in kids. In order to get the show done on time, I've had to overlay some random footage and play the rest over the credits. I've been cutting you a lot of slack since your wife was kidnapped by that Hmong gang, and again when she was returned only to leave you and going a Hmong gang, but this level of work is simply unacceptable. My four-year old nephew worked very hard on those lyrics, and he's going to be very disappointed when this airs. There are plenty of other animators willing to work for the .75 an hour we pay you, and if you don't pull your head out of your ass and start to raise your work quality to at least a 'poor' quality standard, they'll have the chance.


If I could rate the comments here this would be in my top ten.

You people want me to follow that?

I'm only human for god's sake!

I was expecting 10 minutes of every "it's clobberin' time" The Thing had said in the past 45 years.
Spit Spingola
Maybe it's just really late but I just laughed for an entire minute at this.
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