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Desc:Thx internet
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:twins, conjoined, kinda scary
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The final sign of the rapture
Think of how alone you'll be when your twin dies...
No word's to describe. Should have sent a poet.
Actually being a singer has always been a dream of Reba.
She has a pretty voice for it, but I am not one to judge musical talent.

Frankly, the quantity and message of the tags (And categories) is more fitting for places like Break or Rotten.

I'm not going to make fun of Reba and her sister. So fuck you, submitter.

Better tags: human spirit, strength, love

I'll take out "horrible" and "sickening". It's like a friend said though. This is what happens when people continue to encourage disabled people. They get an unrealistic view of the world. Honestly I think it's bad for them because they will get severely let down one day and find themselves in a video on this site.

Reba and her conjoined twin seem to be doing just fine with their unrealistic world view, and the friends and family who encourage it. I'm sure that being "let down" by the harsh realities of whatever you're referring to pales in comparison to, you know, being attached at the head to your twin.

Oh man, Catpenis you are your friend are totally right. These women have probably never considered those things.
Gosh, it is amazing that you arrived to this amazing conclusion in minutes while they have never considered this in their entire lives.

Seriously, go fuck yourself back to whatever second rate shock video website you crawled out of.

I know I'm just being the devil's advocate here, but there is something worthwhile about telling someone that their goals aren't within their reach. We have no problem telling each other "don't quit your day job" when we hear about our friends' dreams to be on tv or become a ballet dancer at 50. You can do a person a serious favor by breaking them out of their delusions... if you can do it nicely.

If my arms got cut off, you can be certain I wouldn't kid myself and continue playing the piano for a living. I'm not going to tape broom handles to my nubs and re-invent chopsticks. I can always move on to something else. Hell, I wouldn't have even taken my music career seriously in the first place if someone hadn't told me that I was terrible at baseball and never would have made it to the major leagues. One thing might not work out, but there are millions of other opportunities out there.

That said, I think it's important to know the difference between telling someone that they're not capable of a particular thing and telling someone that they're not capable of anything. The former criticism shapes lives. The latter only destroys them.

Adham Nu'man
Oh for fuck's sake, what's really a pathetic delusion that needs to be shattered is your notion that you are either some hot pop singer with a great voice or you are nothing and should be discouraged from opening your mouth or appearing in front of a camera.

She wanted to sing: she sang. She wanted to communicate her experience and joy with others: she made a video. Here it is. It's not great, yet it's still better than a lot of the music currently on the market.

I'm pretty sure they've had enough time to realize all the implications of their condition, and that there are fucking sadsacks out there that would make fun of them.

Still, when your head is fucking attached to another human being, and your neck is at a painful 60 degree angle, and you'll probably soon start suffering horrible back pains and likely die at a young age, do you really want to hold back because of what a few morons will say about you?

This is not about releasing a product that will satisfy the high standards of the sad fat fucks that comprise american pop culture consumers.

It's about someone's dreams and being able to make them come alive.

Jesus fuck.

Robin Kestrel
^ Stars for Adham. Lori and George live in my town; I've seen them in the stores while out shopping.

Please take a minute to read a little about them...


Corman's Inferno
Stars for you, Adham.

This video was made by the news program that did the documentary on them. I've seen this twice, it's awesome.

It's not them who have an unrealistic view of the world.

So Chrischan and the video titled I believe "Best argument for gay marriage ever" involving a schizophrenic person are perfectly OK to ridicule but I post something about a couple people attached at the head and say some admittedly cruel things about them, and POEtv grows a heart? I'm not mad or like that, I'm just really confused. Is there not a fatty tag? Or an aspergers tag? Where people just drive each other into the ground? I'm sorry, but I see a double standard.

Johnny Madhouse
I didn't know this singer existed, but after reading the wikipedia page I'm glad to have learned of them. This is actually really cool.
Johnny Madhouse
Gah, learned of her. My conjoined twin vocabulary is not up to par!

My second or third thought on seeing this: "I wonder how they masturbate if someone's always with them. They probably just do it to each other." I think I need to take a vacation from the internet.
Terrible music, cool life story.
I'm not gonna lie, i jammed out to this for a minute. The oafy sister needs to sing backup harmony. They're good enough to play in Reno!
Jet Bin Fever
Its amazing what people can accomplish if they put their heads together.
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