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Desc:'Stash described as large'
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:CNN, porn, Osama Bin Laden
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 14
As an porner, I just can't willfully accept that Osama bin Laden possessed an extensive collection of porn until I'm able to see it for myself.

That's not entirely unreasonable. The reports that Bin Laden had porn came from a single interview with a military official, who stated that he had only heard this secondhand himself. It got repeated everywhere because its funny, not because it's well-sourced. Most of the early details of the raid have already been contradicted, as they were just the media running with whatever rumors could be found.

Personally, I think the Jews planted the evidence, by using Muslim President Hussein Obama's secret Atheist military agency, using porn they stole from Tom Cruise.

Five bucks this will be on The Daily Show tomorrow night.
James Woods
Heck, I'll bet you 100 bucks this is on the Daily Show tomorrow!

James Woods
100 dollars please!

James Woods
posted at 11:01 pm

wtf japan
Of course they found it. He was keeping it in large binders marked "PORN" and "XXX."
my dad kept his mags in a box in the basement marked "X" ... might as well have just given me a map to it.

Space Helicopter
Hitler's porn stash had nothing on this guy.

His porn 'stache, however, was so epic that no porn actor has had the balls to use it since.
The McK
Pants 'Er, Blitz
'Ginal Solution
Something about Rimmler I guess?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm just hoping his head follower, Osama Bin Waq'in, can cup his hand around peace and gently stroke the world's sense of decorum by turning himself in for a good flogging.

Interesting comments by The War Nerd on this one. Makes the point that Osama had a large, male security detail with no women present who didn't belong to Bin Laden. Conditions ripe for pornography.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
oh... i thought this was going to be on onion video!
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