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Category:Horror, Military
Tags:helicopter, nerd, RC, danger, wasp
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Comment count is 14
please note that this video had one negative vote in the hopper, from MC Scared of Bees
The Mothership
That's precisely why I had to vote it up!

Johnny Madhouse
They do that a lot! Poor soul.

Ah you discovered my pseudonym

That's right I'm MC Scared of Bees y'all
cuz you know that I'm scared of bees, y'all
when I see a bee, I get scared
because by definition I'm afraid of bees

MC Scared of Bees
You are not me. I am no one's pseudonym. And it's "When I see a bee, I run".

It would have been more accurate to build this as an ornithopter, but I'll buy it
Caminante Nocturno
Jet Bin Fever
Goddamnit, get out of my head.


Here you go.

I was thinking about that too.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Hmm.... gives me the idea to put three or four together in a "swarm" pattern and fly them 100 feet over playgrounds and parks...
Now make it transform.
It must say "Terrorize" to transform.

Somebody get a giant spray can of Raid.
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