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Desc:Hannah Minx does cosplay.
Tags:cosplay, Ridiculous, weeaboo, Melons, hannahminx
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Resubmit:Macho Nacho

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Comment count is 31
Just admit you guys have a total anime boner for this girl and stop pretending to be all high and mighty about it.
Hank Friendly
admit, nothing, brother, someones fucking her and it sure isnt us


As much as I think baleen over-exaggerates the revenue poetv generates for terrible youtube producers, I see literally no reason to watch this except lonely.

Hank Friendly
if you can watch video #4 and maintain that point of view consider me convinced that you are batting for the pink team

The reactions this girl get here are amusing, but honestly, if i'm going to fap to something i have better options on the internet.

She's a clever entrepreneur who I would bang gladly.

She's so adorable I can't stand it. I just want to disfigure her face, carve up her body and sew her mouth and eyes close she's so cute.
Spike Jonez
I love you, man.

14 minutes of pointless "f-me" posing. stars for the ending
Four stars for not saying anything.
Her Tifa cosplay she says some shit that's totally distorted. There are 3 parts to this. All of them have softcore porn music and lighting and you halfway expect her to start pleasuring herself on a white bed with rose petals around the base. She apparently took this down or something because this isn't the original and everyone is saying she will probably get it taken down soon.

What's a tifa?

Can I take away stars?

Mother Puncher is most likely talking about Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.

You should be adding stars. This is pretty blatant fanservice for those lonely kids who follow her every video and say shit like "Miss Hannah Minx is soooo Minxy and kawaii :3" and want her to show more tits. The first video she cosplays as... something anime and it starts out showing just her midrif and but then has gratuitous moments of leaning back and camera angles to show underboob. And the end of this video. She's pretty self aware now that the the extent of her yourtube fandom is weeaboo bullshit and her tits so she's teasing the cocks off of her fanboys but then felt bad about it and is trying to get it taken off the internet. That, to me at least, is worth 5 stars. This isn't simply a cosplay video that happens to be sexy or cute but the main purpose is to show off anime shit. No, this is a dying youtube star showing off her body to anime fans.

Mother Puncher is going to pass out. Take a breath, buddy.

I'd pass out too if i was fapping as hard as he was while trying to justify his lust

Just lustified.

Jet Bin Fever
Detestable human being.
Did you get a chance to see part 1?

Dems some big ol titties.
True dat.

Hank Friendly
Steven Tyler is masturbating to this right now
I bet her parents bought her a college degree.
The music at the end takes this into the surreal.
Modern Angel
Still boring and, honestly, not that hot. Not ugly, but not that hot.

The fading internet "star" descending into sexy vids and eventually porn was already done better ten years ago by Alisa.
I'm not a baby anymore, it's all about the booty.
And she has none whatsoever.

Unless she had it reduced in an effort to appear more Japanese. I dunno.

I'm not one starring because I hate her. This is just kind of bland. You can beat off to it, I won't judge you, but please don't then post hate screeds about it. I will judge you for that. (a lot)
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