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Desc:An in depth look at satanism with host Bob Larson.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:satan, where is your god now, satanic panic, Bob Larson, laziest keyboardist ever
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Comment count is 11
snothouse - 2011-05-24
FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2011-05-24
A sleazy televangelist? Whoa.

Mother_Puncher - 2011-05-24
Iron Maiden, Ninja Gaiden, Rage Against the Machine, Anarchy. All of this is just the Devil's molasses that is currently taunting your children in the 90's and all of it is out to turn your kids into killers.

I wonder what a documentary would be like if Bob Larson tried to expose black metal. They already go apeshit over symbols.
Syd Midnight - 2011-05-27
In 1967, he wrote a book about how the Beatles were Satanists sent by the Soviets to destroy America. Seriously.

Nikon - 2011-05-24
Born in the RSR - 2011-05-24
I can't go on watching the whole thing, made it to 5:34.

The whole day care center panic is just too disgusting. The children gave prepared testimonies that were squeezed out of them by "therapists" that specialized in repressed memories over a period of months or sometimes even years after the alleged abuse occurred. Children did testify that they were raped by their caretakers, but they also testified that the flew in a UFO with Chuck Norris. The way these fuckers frame it ('in a trial many say was botched none was fount guilty') just makes me want to fucking scream.

StanleyPain - 2011-05-24
The McMartin trial was everything wrong with religion in the USA, wrapped in a nutshell. It was a essentially a moral panic trial fueled entirely by the bullshit theories about satanic abuse spread by fucktards like Bob Larson. None of the accusations had any base in reality, and if they did, the reality was quickly buried underneath layers of bullshit. The lasting effect of the trial was that parents started seeing satanic abuse EVERYWHERE overloading state agencies with nonsense complaints about it, thus driving up the budgets of these agencies far beyond what they ever were with less and less of the money actually going to cases of real child abuse and neglect, but rather wasted investigating this kind of shit.

Vaidency - 2011-05-24
The story that begins at 8:30 in part 1 is just hilarious. A fat woman with a big grin on her face tells about how she was cast into a pit full of sacrificial remains and kept there for weeks, while her captors occasionally tossed her scraps of human flesh to eat.

The combination of ludicrous story and insincere delivery wouldn't have fooled a focus group of cubscouts.
Caminante Nocturno - 2011-05-24
I think the people who make these videos are secretly getting off on them.
Chalkdust - 2011-05-25
ah, ritual satanic abuse... I was not old enough to really be aware of this when it was going on, but the wikipedia talk pages for this are always amusing
Syd Midnight - 2011-05-27
Man, Bob Larson.. his book "Satanism: Seduction of America's Youth" was wildly popular amongst all my friends as a teenager, just not quite in the way Bob wanted it to be. He's comedy gold. If you use a death metal voice and say "Grarg I'm a demon" he'll totally believe it and get all excited and go tell people about how he just met a demon. And he knows a bit about sex scandals, he's had a few of his own (Jesus forgave him tho).

One time, Bob Guccione Jr paid him to go on tour with Slayer and write about it, it wasn't as good as I was hoping because he got on their nerves and 2 days into the tour they ditched him at a gas station in Germany.

Bob fucking Larson.. and we're the adults and parents now, anyone who swallows his crap is an even bigger dumbshit than the average 80's headbanger/nerd was.
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