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Desc:Definitely belongs here.
Category:Arts, Science & Technology
Tags:Robots, Kraftwerk, Neil Young, vocoder, trans
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Comment count is 11
Some people say Trans is his worst album. I disagree wholeheartedly.
I consider it his best album of the 80s (unless Weld came out before 1990, I forget). His worst albums are probably the ones with Pearl Jam in the mid 90s, but I haven't even listened to them based on what I've heard from people whose opinions on Neil Young I trust.

I submitted this for the video, not the song. If it was for the song it'd be on 73q.

Oscar Wildcat
His jams with Devo from that period were the stuff of legend.

zircon; Mirrorball is a bit of a departure for Young but is actually interesting and very good. The songwriting is outstanding.

I agree, there's some really nice tracks on Mirrorball, and you can't really detect Pearl Jam's influence in any case. It's produced in a nice raw way with lots of fuzz and feedback and it has a nostalgic effect on me.

I'll check it out. I really like Year Of the Horse.

No one says that.

This southern man doesn't need him around any how. Actually this song is pretty awesome.
This isn't even the best one on the album. Check out Transformer Man and Sample & Hold. And the Trans version of Mr. Soul.

Closed Circuit Telebision
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