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Desc:Satanists own the police department and the sheriffs department.
Tags:satan, Christian, demons, kenny powers, compulsive liar
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Comment count is 31
Five for Mammon's mullet.
Satan put his mouth on all crooked.
"compulsive liar" tag indeed. What a douche.
I wasn't going to watch the whole thing, I just kind of skipped around to get some highlights. Now I want a demon ring.
nevermind, just checked ebay, apparently the ones that are 'real' are going for like 90 grand.

free shipping though.

They found a way to make evil look cute.
Oh man, Prophecy Club..I used to watch this all the time a few years ago. Late at night, the local cable access showed re-hashed Christian programming and this was probably the best thing..it's like they went out of their way to get batshit crazy people to speak and it was pretty entertaining. This guy's little speech took the cake, though.
le tenia
Well I'm glad he got out safely!
That sounds like one intense LARP session, buddy.
Oscar Wildcat
Prolly should be retitled, "COS member graduates to a new and more lucrative con game".

Also, this guy should not play poker. Way too many tells.
Sounds like he is telling the truth to me. Gosh, you guys are so unbelievable cynical.

Oh sweet, your comment history suggests you're serious. Fun!

It takes only a minute to read any encyclopedia article (no, not conservapedia) on The Satanitc Verses. Why don't you check that out, and then see it it conforms to this guy's story. If you're still skeptical, the actual book is available free online.

"The Satanic Verses" is a novel about Islamoterrorists.

Anyways, there are many different kinds of Satanism. You can't find out everything you want just from looking on the 'Net. Maybe if you have an actual background with one of the Satanic groups then you can be taken seriously as an authority. The gentleman in this video has "walked the walk", so now he can be trusted to "talk the talk".

So, I know that Satanists are magical, evil liars, because, even though all physical evidence as to their actual beliefs, the well-documented history of moral panics, and basic science all contradict this story, I can trust completely the testimony of Satanists.

Also I meant "The Satanic Bible" by Anton LeVay, the magically appearing book (except strangely when its on a Borders bookshelf) he discusses in the video, yet appears to be completely oblivious to its actual content. My apologies for the mistake.

I would love to know how you would conveniently explain away all of the mutilated corpses of animals and ritual sites featuring graffiti of Satanic symbols. And I suppose all of those young children just made up all of their stories about being indoctrinated into the world of Satanism. I know that it's not pretty to believe, but this is what happens on a daily basis in an evil, fallen, Godless world.

needs "Kenny Powers" tag.
Now I can't stop seeing it.

I can't stop hearing it either. Just pepper in some curse words and it's him.

Satan made me do it.

Jet Bin Fever

It's amazing how every single 'ex-atheist', 'ex-satanist', and 'ex-possessed by demons' Christian describes their experiences completely in terms of what fundamentalist born-again Christians incorrectly think those things involve.

I've never heard, "Oh, I was a Wiccan, but I realized that the "spells" were simply naturalist rituals never intended to invoke actual supernatural forces, so I turned to Christianity."
It's always "I became a witch, had sex with Satan, turned my friend into a newt, and then got better."

Friend, if you actually listen closely to what he is saying, he is not recollecting having done anything silly like those things you mention. What he describes are things that are actual Satanic practices. Also, I'm curious as to how you would know that much about what REAL Satanic practices involve unless you were a practicing Satanist yourself. After all, those groups are very secretive.

Yes, I am. And I just cast a spell on you. Boogity boo!

Sorry, was that mean? I'm just suspicious because the other day I heard that, despite having books, and websites, and publicly preaching and following lifestyles based on worship of Jesus Christ, Evangelicals actually obey the almighty Thor and have the power to cast lightning bolts at people. The truth is kept hidden by a secret Evangelical cabal, and is known only thanks to the testimony of a few ex-Evangelical Satanists. I was skeptical at the time, but now I'm not so sure. Just remember, denying this only proves you are a secret follower of the Son-of-Odin!

I know that the truth can be terrifying indeed, but there is more to Satanism than just the watered-down, more marketable version advocated by The Church of Satan. Real Satanism involves gruesome sacrifices, the abuse of children, perverted sex rituals, etc. Why else do you think that so many higher-ups in the government and the entertainment industries have been so immersed in such heinous crimes? If the only world that you believe in is THIS one, then of course it follows that you will do anything, and I mean, ANYTHING to get what you want while you're here on earth.

Anne Hathaway's farts smell as if she laid an egg. Since eggy farts from women are always an aphrodisiac, imagine the funky smell as the obscene rush of wind shoots out of her unrelenting anus and hits your nose. There is something dominating about the first picture, imagine Anne Hathaway with pursed lips, sexy specs farting a soft smelly puski as she watches you being hypnotized by the air from her ass. There is nothing more erotic for a fart fetish to have someone like Anne Hathaway push her ass on your nose and fart some real nice air biscuits.

Ms. Vonscarlet
I have to go with IrishWhiskey here on this. Also, loveyouguys, I am a practicing Satanist. This "ex-Satanic High Priest" is full of shit. If you think this guy is telling the truth, then I recommend looking up the official Church of Satan website to read about what actual Satanists truly believe. Or, even better, pick up The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore to get a very in depth understanding of what Satanism is all about. Real Satanism does NOT involve hurting animals, killing humans, or the abuse of children. We also don't believe in sending out demons to do our dirty work for us. That would be just as absurd as a Christian praying to angels for help. As a matter of fact, we don't even believe in demons or an actual Satan!

"Adding comments has been disabled for this video."
I clicked excitedly, thinking this was "A Satanic High Priest Gets Shaved".

Wiki Mike Warnke (the guy who talked him out of suicide) if you want more hilarity.
Billy the Poet
Something tells me that Kenny's coven consisted of him and the guy whose dick was in his mouth.
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