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Desc:A loving message to queers, strange perverts, and sodomites.
Category:Religious, Fashion
Tags:rednecks, christians, Homosexuals, turn or burn, confederate flag
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Comment count is 7
Born in the RSR
Bizzaro Aronra.
Now this is my kinda preachin'. Of course you effete East Coast liberals howl in protest anytime your "lifestyle" is referred to by the wrong name...but you have no problem calling our Southern brethren "rednecks". Shame on you folks.
I'll take the bait.

What do rednecks prefer to be called?

'Sons of the Soil'. But it ain't gonna happen.

Southern gentlemen, if you please.

The McK
Neither gents nor men.

loveyouguys "pretends" to approve of guys who say gay people should be murdered if they don't convert

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