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Desc:The original Spanish zombie movie, complete with subtitles.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Zombies, firemen, spanish, Rec, Quarantine
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Comment count is 15
Really, really good.

lollin at the submitter/content synergy.
It makes sense because I was cringing from the weird demonic voices almost the entire time.

I am a gigantic pussy.

A really good movie. I've wondered whether the sequel is worth digging up?
le tenia
The sequel furthers the backstory of the first, and also the plot. It's more of the same, though and I rate the first one as much better.

The idea that you can experience this movie, on your FUCKING youtube. GET REAL!

I feel so sorry for the people who watched Quarantine first and had this ruined for them.
Such a sadness.

Not totally ruined. The stories climax for this one is so much more interesting, and one of my favourite things about this movie. Why Quarantine changed it, I have no idea

eh, if you've seen Quarantine, then absolutely nothing in REC is going to be a surprise. REC does it a hundred times better, but all the suspense is gone.

Adham Nu'man
I watched Quarantine first, got bored and quit halfway through. Then I saw this and loved it.

I imagine hollywood execs know what they are doing, but I find it hard to believe that buying the rights to a movie, remaking it into a piece of shit and then spending lots of money on marketing is more lucrative than just putting on subtitles and spending some money on marketing a foreign film at the theatres. Or even dubbing it...

le tenia
I saw REC first and then checked Quarantine out to see if the people who don't bother watching subtitled movies were getting a good version of REC, and they were; Quarantine was awesome.

Quarantine was REC with worse acting and camera work. So many good scenes from REC ruined by botched shots by Quarantine's clueless director and cinematographer.

Innocent Bystander
You should watch this. I've already seen it, but you totes should, if you haven't already.
Their explanation for everything that led up to the ending screamed: "We don't know how to finish this/we're running out of money".

Not to say that the final scenes prior to the ending weren't bad, at all. However it would've been a lot more horrifying if for example they made it to a safe place only to realize that they were never intended to leave, or perhaps the agency that was involved in containing this was coming to get them anyhow.

An ending that broadened the perspective of their current understanding befitting of a horror movie.

Instead it becomes really apparent the movie was made in portugal with a lot of cheesy references to religion or some kind of supernatural event that loosely involves the vatican. Kind of a cheesy cop out if you ask me.

It also really didn't make any sense that the "thing" upstairs was somehow pulling that shit for ages, I mean look what kind of a stir some crazy angry dog managed to cause. Its not even an issue of plausibility, it just makes no sense and breaks up the illusion the movie managed to convey so well until the end.

Oh, also spoilers kinda. :P
Ah, I see.

The american version basically takes some of the recommendations I made regarding the ending and intersperses them throughout the movie and utterly ruins the concept.


You see in REC, there's this ambiguity and vain hope that follows the main characters as they try to survive long enough to hopefully leave.

A great ending to the story would've been to come upon some solid information that sealed their fate, the last survivors wouldn't have even needed to die, it would've been a lot more psychologically evocative if perhaps they didn't.

But yeah, from what I can objectively discern, in spite of the lackluster ending, REC was a lot better.
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