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Dr Dim - 2011-05-27

Xiphias I've noticed you have a passion for nature videos, do you consider yourself a bear watcher?

oddeye - 2011-05-27

hmm I wonder what possible direction you could be going with this.

baleen - 2011-05-27

Yes I wonder if he's ever had any kind of bear comments made about him or, indeed, if he's ever made such jokes himself.

Dr Dim - 2011-05-30

Of course he has, but I'm genuinely curious whether he goes looking for videos of the Ursidae family or this is simply a side benefit to him checking out big hairy guys on youtube. Either way I am fine with him so relax.

Bozo - 2011-05-27

Bears are one of the better things about living in NH.

Tom Collins - 2011-05-27

I thought they meant you had to buy a .50 pistol and hike in terror, but ok.

glasseye - 2011-05-28

NH is on the east coast. Therefore it is encased in concrete.

Johnny Madhouse - 2011-05-28

Yay bears!

Banal Intercourse - 2011-05-28

Also this cameraman's balls are huge.

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