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Desc:First ever full live action furry fantasy film.
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:Furries, Trailer, bitter lake
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Comment count is 17
Pixel McStencilbuffer
Eurrrgh, I can't bring myself to watch it.

Here, just take them
Killer Joe
(Some of) Their mouths move!

Of course their mouths move.

How else would fellatio be possible?

Has there ever been a furry anything without a sharp streak of betrayal running through it?
Spike Jonez
I guess furry is what happens when the childhood relationship you have with your dog starts to get a little weird due to puberty, then your dad backs it over with the truck.

I want to hurt this video but I can never hurt it the way it hurt me.

I'm not going to miss an EZ WOLF and SHAY motion picture...
Jaguar Wong
I hate you. Five.
Wolf: The Animated Feature: The Live Action Movie
I love well-detailed furry costumes like this. :( I hate that they are forever tainted by... well, furries.
Good craftsmanship makes everything worse. Imagine that a lunatic is walking down the street having sex with a crude drawing of his, then imagine Van Gogh doing the same trying to get his balls to perfectly lay on the explosions of light in Starry Night, or Seurat dabbing dots of smegma against Sunday Afternoon, or Picasso severely twisting his knob through the turns of Guernica. The random lunatic with the slashes and dashes that vaguely resemble a popular celebrity is disturbing, but on a much lower level.

asian hick
are you fucking kidding me?
Somehow I doubt the inherent hilarity of watching people in mascot suits pretend to tell a DEEP and PHILOSOPHICAL story is going to make this worth watching.
spiteful crow
this has surprisingly high production values for something made by furries, I was expecting grainy LARP footage in someone's backyard.

still, furries.
Helena Handbasket
When I was a child I was TERRIFIED of anyone dressed in a giant animal- or anything else for that matter - costume. I would cry and scream whenever a mascot would go by or someone would be dressed up outside a store. I am going to assume that my seemingly irrational fears were really a preemptive protection against this.
Jet Bin Fever
AHH THE UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS.. This is terrrrrrrrrrifying!
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