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Desc:A cartoon showing what Yahweh thinks about human sacrifice! A NonStampCollector joint.
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:yahweh, nonstampcollector, human sacrifice, jephthah, judges 11
Submitted:Magical Man from Happy-Land
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Comment count is 8
Jet Bin Fever
Ohh the odor... SO PLEASING! :-D
Moses got off easy.
Binro the Heretic
Ultimately, Christianity will fall from popular favor because more people will really, REALLY read the Bible and not just the select bits quoted in Jack Chick tracts.
Yep, any day now... Crazy bullshit has legs, Binro. People have been Christian for 2000 years. Jewish for even longer (and they just have the *really* crazy part of the Bible).

Religion isn't about reason or morality. It is a social force. It practically thrives on insane shit like this. If you think God doing mean things here and there is going to turn people off, you know nothing about human psychology.

Rodents of Unusual Size
There are about 100 million Christians in China now.

And 380 million in Africa. Thanks, missionaries.

So, good luck with that.

Nice shout out to the Left Handed Murderer, but he forgot to mention the key point from the story: the king killed was so fat that the knife gets stuck in his corpulence and has to be left behind.

Stuff like that is what's important about the Bible!
The FDA will never legalize dashing babies against rocks as a mood altering therapeutic measure, you can't patent that shit and thusly none of the drug companies want the competition with their brand name antidepressants.

Damn shame.
ugh, this goes on FOREVER
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